Friday, March 20, 2009

This is So Cool!

OK, if you guys have checked out the "Chick Machine" you guys will know there are different hair styles, outfits, and many other things too. But they are missing one thing. A bald hair style! So my mom e-mailed the producer and told her about my friend Gabi that did the St. Baldrick's and shaved her head, and the producer was sooooo excited! She said she would love to make a bald hair style! And she sent my mom a demo of it. Superstar! Isn't it cool? So Gabi if you want to make it your own you can. And if anyone else wants to make one you just have to scroll down my blog until you get to my "favorite sites" and click on "Chick Machine" and its a link to the chick machine. It is really fun! Hope you enjoy!


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