Friday, May 29, 2009


Graduation went really well last night. My teachers did cry. And on the last day of school I cried too. We were all going our separate ways. But we will still see each other too. And when we got our diploma our teachers said that we could either shake their hand or give them a hug. And every single person, even the boys, gave them a hug. And they really appreciated that. I am going to miss them soooooooo much. I really will. And I am going to try to get some pictures on here of it too. (If my mom and dad will let me)
But summer is almost here! And Wynne's Web wants to celebrate it with you! So check it out every day for new things! I am going to try to get some new pictures of some cards that I've made and even some things I made over the school year. And I am hoping to get a slide show of some of my Disney Fairies drawings. They are really cool!
And be my follower! I am pretty sure you have to have a blog. But if not you can still always check out my blog. And check out the new songs! Plus tons of new gadgets!

P.S. Like my new signature? Cool, Huh?

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Kendall said...

i lover ur signature!!