Saturday, August 14, 2010

Best B-Day Surprise!

Ok, so its my mom's birthday and we did the BEST surprise for her! We decorated the house with balloons, streamers, and posters! We got flowers and made her cards and the whole day is revolving around her. It is going to be so much fun! Can't tell you everything we're going to do because I'm afraid she might see it...
Just got my new book from the library! Forest Born is one of the last Books of Bayern. It is by Shannon Hale. At first I thought there was only 3 books. (Goose Girl, Enna Burning, & River Secrets) But there was one more! YAY! And it is called Forest Born. So far it is really good! And I am in 3rd place on the waiting list for The Last Olympian at my library. lolz Its popular!
I already have homework! *sigh* I've got Algebra (done), English (not to hard), health (read a whole chapter!?!), and get some more supplies. So it isn't that bad. :)
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kellyjean said...

What would you have done if I saw this before the big whoha?! he he he. I had a blast, Wynne!!! I wish every bday for everybody could be so special. If we all treated each other like you and your brother and dad treated me on my bday, well... I guess we'd be in heaven. wink. Love you girl! THX for a great bday!