Friday, August 27, 2010

At My Dad's Office

So I'm here at my dad's office. And what is really cool is that his other worker is on vacation so I get to use her computer. And it has two screens put together!! Its cool. I wish I could go to the FC vs. PHS game tonight... but I can't sigh... Not much else to say. BYE!


kellyjean said...

Wynne, girl... thanks so much for helping me out this WE. I know it's usually not much fun going to the office but I'm glad you enjoyed Lisa's computers! Your little "school girl" from BTC is super cute! You are so fun!!! Sorry about the game. Maybe next time. ;-)

Maddz said...

Okay, wow it took me a long time to reply to this comment, LOL

But I commented weeks ago, when I finished GG4, but it didn't go through, and I didn't want to re-type it...But basically what I said was: "OMG!! I JUST FINISHED GG4!! The BEST GG book yet. Soooo awesome! I love Zach! And OMG, Mr. Solomon!! Ahhh, I can't even think!"

LOL, seriously! It was the best GG book ever.

SPEAKING OF ALLY CARTER, though, I have ah-mazing news! I follow her on twitter, and, if you read her blog recently, you know she's been talking about authors being on Dancing WIth THe Stars. Well, on Twitter, she had a little contest: which author would you like to see on DWTS? Winner would get any of her books, and it would be SIGNED.

I suggested Judy Blume, and kind of forgot about the contest, 'cause I knew I wouldn't win (I never win anything, LOL)

BUT a day or two later, she announced the winners! AND I WAS ONE OF THEM!!

*commence major freaking out!!*

OMG, I am soooo happy!! I asked for the first GG book in hardcover, 'cause I have all the other GG books in hardcover, except the first one, and I like things to match, LOL Plus, I think it'd be cool to have the first in the series signed! Anyway, I will def be posting pictures of it on my blog when I get it, so you'll have to take a look!

*Happy sigh*

ANYWAY, yeah the Percy Jackson movie isn't THE BEST movie ever...It drags on a bit, and is a little predictable. But I still really love it! Grover is so hilarious sometimes, LOL


PS love your background! Very cute, I love the colors :)