Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Busy Weekend

I am having a busy weekend. Here is how it went and going to be. Friday: Went to school. Went to the eye doctor. Oh, and I got contacts! Yay! And it took me forever to do it. (But the nurse was really nice.) Today: Get up at like 6. :/ Then go to a volleyball tournament. And now I am home writing this. So, so far it has been very busy. And then I have basketball practice! I hope that my contacts will help in that.
I am very happy today because I checked out Ally and she had the full cover of her newest book, (Coming Feb. 9!!!) Heist Society. It looks really cool and mysterious! I can not wait to go out and buy it!
Make sure you check out all the gadgets, links, music, and more on my blog. They are really cool!
American Idol. It... has... begun. LOLz. So far most of the videos have been funny. And when they start Hollywood I might have some polls on who you like the best. So stay tuned!

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