Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No School!

No school today! At first I thought it was just a delay, but then I found out... no SCHOOL! I am kinda happy because I have a basketball game today, but then again we have no more days that we can make up with. So we will have to go over May. But I slept into like, 8:00. That was very nice.
Like the new background? Happy early Vallentine's Day! I love this background! I went to this new place called The Background Fairy. It has some really cool free backgrounds.
I am playing this Nancy Drew game on my computer and it is AMAZING! (And a little scary) But no kidding it is kinda freaky! It has this erie music and it is just really fun. But I think I am almost done! So I'm going to have to get off this and back to that. LOLz

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