Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An AMAZING Spring Break

Ok, remember when I said I wasn't doing much over spring break well I actually meant that I was going on the Disney Wonder Cruise Line. And it was AMAZING! We flew down to Florida and stayed at the Polynesian Resort in Disney. When we got down there we stayed in our resort and the next day went into the Magic Kingdom. We saw some friends of ours from school and from my brother's Cub Scout's troop. We kept running into them all day! But the next day we boarded the cruise! (This is Wednesday, by the way.) It is HUGE! You see it in pictures and you're like, Oh that is HUGE and then in real like you're like. WOW THAT IS HUGE! Our room was on the 6th floor and there were about 11 I think. Our first meal was at Parrot Cay. It was really good. (Almost all you did was eat... and eat... and EAT!) Animator's Pallet was the one I liked the best. At the beginning of your meal it is all black and white. But then the pictures change colors and stuff! Triton's was also a really cool restaurant because it was like you where really dinning under the sea! We got our own waiters and waitress every single time so we could get to know them. They showed us tricks and stuff too! That night we saw The Golden Mickey's! It was an award show for Disney movies and characters.
The next day we stopped at the Bahamas. We didn't get off the boat because we had already been there and everything coasted extra. So we stayed on the ship and enjoyed the ice cream with the outdoor swimming pool and movie screen like the drive-in! We saw Peter Pan, Aladdin, and Bolt out there. I also got my hair braided that day... or rapped that is. That night we saw Toy Story the Musical! It was good and the costumes where great!
The next day was the Disney Island, Cast Away Key. It was great! The water was soo clear the food was amazing and they had jungle gyms in the ocean on the beach! I loved it! That night we saw an award winning musical called Disney Dreams about a girl who wishes on a star to visit a place where dreams do come true. And with the help of Peter pan she finds her own magic and learns how to fly before the clock sticks six. I was by far the greatest one. After that we saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was great! That last night the boat rocked really bad. It was fun for me though because I was pretty used to it.
And the was mostly my Disney vacation. It was... well AMAZING.

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