Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Kingdom Keepers!

Ok, to stick with the whole Disney theme going on here I have some BIG news! I have fallen in love with Ridley Pearson's newest series, The Kingdom Keepers. Pearson is also the co-author in a Peter Pan series with the newest book, Peter and the Sword of Mercy. As I was looking for those books I stumbled upon The Kingdom Keepers. I love them! I have only read #1 because my library doesn't have the other ones, but they are going to. (I made a bit of a request) And I was just watching Disney Channel and saw Disney 365 come up and I was like, "oh fast forward", but then I saw it was for The Kingdom Keepers 3! I totally freaked out. I also found the website: Here you can interact with other people as a real DHI. Don't know what I mean? Then check it out!
I have not posted on here in like forever! So right now I am about to go to bed because I have a really big science test tomorrow. But I am glad that tomorrow it Friday. I am a bit tired. Today in PE we had to run half a mile (better than the whole mile we usually have to run) doing an Indian run. Then we played a mix of soccer and football. And so while we were playing I heard one of my friends scream. Turns out she was right in front of one of the outside sprinklers and they all just turned on. It was LOL! The teacher were like "get away from the sprinklers" and we were like running through them screaming and stuff. It was fun because the sun was really hot out. But that was the highlight of my day today.


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