Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shannon Hale

I am now in love with the author, Shannon Hale, as well as all the other authors that I love! I just finished reading Enna Burning and it was AMAZING! I have read The Goose Girl and The Princess Academy as well. I hope to read more of her books too. If you would like to check out her website as well here is a link: Check it out! And if you want to check out her blog click here:
Speaking of good books GG4, Only the Good Spy Young, is coming June 29! Less than 40 days away! Check out my count-down clock at the bottom of my blog for more info on the time. If you would like to get this widget click here:
Hope you like the new background. It is kinda spring-y and summer-y! I think it is really cute!
School it almost, out I can't believe it! Lucky for us we don't have finals! YAY! So we don't have to do any of that and we still get out early!
Make sure you vote for who you think will be the next American idol! Check the poll to vote for your favorite!

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Stephanie said...

I so glad I can't wait for summer and the pool opens this weekend here! and same here I get out early, because I am a homeschooler