Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Soon!

It is almost summer! I am so excited! Today was really great. I had a music test that I feel I did very well on. And I got back a history test that I got 102% on! YAY! Can't wait for the weekend. I am very tired. I had a bad sleep last night because I had some weird dreams that kept waking me up. Overall today = good day!
Thank you to all my followers and some new ones. And make sure you check out some of their websites too. And if you want to follow my blog it is simple and quick. Just click "follow" and you're on your way!
NEW POLL! As you know I love to watch American Idol. And there are only TWO people left! Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox! I LOVE both of them... I don't know. I think they both deserve it. I just can't choose. Crystal has been good since the beginning, but Lee really got going after a while. Stay in toon with American Idol for the finally! And now you can voice your opinion! Vote for your "Next American Idol" on my new poll!
New background and songs coming soon!


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