Thursday, July 22, 2010


OMGOOSH! I just got all the paper work and stuff for school! *GASP!* I don't want summer to be over yet! *sigh* Sometimes I wish it would never end...
*BIGGER SIGH* Last night I found out that Percy Jackson had gone on Paper View! And I was soo happy to watch it. But then my dad said he was tired and wanted to watch something else that was shorter. And even though I still regret it (Kinda) I am very happy we watched this instead. My mom recorded Back to the Future part 1, 2, & 3. I had seen some of it, but never all of it. And it was really good! So tonight we are going to watch part 2!
I finished The Book of a Thousand Days and it was AMAZING! I loved it! And I got a bunch of new, old books. (If that makes sense...) See, we are having a yard-sale so my mom went through all of our old stuff. And she found some of her old books! Sadly there are no Nancy Drews or Hardys in the them, but they seem really good!
Thanks for visiting! Coming soon: Updates on music!

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Maddz said...

Yeah, you do sort of have to be in the mood to read the HP books, I think. If you're not a fan of the series to begin with, they tend to drag on.

Also, the Toy Story movies (as silly as it sounds) are some of the best movies ever!! So great, LOL, and the third one made me cry (in a good way, kind of) :)

Yeah, I was only testing out Pretty Little Liars to see how was, 'cause it did seem kind of silly. But I was curious about the books, so I watched and it was REALLY AWESOME. Cool show!

I had to change the background because the little box at the top of my old background (where it usuallly advertises The Cutest Blog On The Block) said that my background was going to expire Friday (today). I was so annoyed, because I loved my whole theme, but I searched the internet and found my current theme. I'm gonna stick with the black-and-white for a while, since that's the only kind of theme I can think of, LOL!


P.S. Do you watch any of the other shows on ABC Family?

P.P.S. So cool you ALMOST got to see Percy Jackson on Pay-Per View! You should try to check it out another time, it's really cool! (Although, it IS pretty long.)