Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Challenge!

I actually had time to make a challenge! Here it is! The theme is "Out of This World!" I hope you like my space girl! Leave me a comment and a link to your card when you are done! I made this card for my friends Lauren's birthday.


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Tell me what you want to hear! What music you like and it might play on my website!


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Tell me what you want! I need help here at Wynne's Web and you can answer my questions! What do you want to see? New cheats, music, games? You name it! But you gotta tell me now!

(")_(") How CUTE!


kellyjean said...

Wynne, you have such a wonderful servants heart! It's fun how you want to know what your readers would like on your blog. That means you care about them. And since most of them are your friends (and ME, he he,) it means you are a very caring friend! Your friends are blessed to have you... fun and all! LOVE the card! I bet Lauren did as well! HB, Lauren!!!

kellyjean said...

Here's my challenge post..


Just copy and paste it in your address area.

Laura said...

Wynne, I finally got through to your blog. It is very cute, just like you! Your challenge card is very cute and I'm sure your friend loved it. I'll keep checking in.

Laura Reeder

Laura said...

Wynne, I finally got onto your blog. It's really cute, just like you. You are such a talented person. Keep up the good work!


Denise Clark said...

Love your space girl! Fun card!

I love blogs where people let themselves be who they are and share their creativity!