Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Fun... And Not Fun Day

Ok, Today is going to be a fun day! I already slept in till 8:30. And I have basketball practice today too. I love basketball. And I am on my blog, and that is always fun. But the not so good thing is... well... if you have checked out yesterdays post on Ally Carters blog the title is "Miniblog: The GG4 title reveal!" OM GOOSH! I got so excited I almost SCREAMED! (FYI, GG4 means Gallagher Girl #4) But then if you read the post she does not announce it. She wanted to get some ideas from us on how to give the title out. Like last year she had a crossword puzzle and stuff like that. (Spy-ish) So I left a comment to give my opinion, but that title was NOT funny!
Check out the new music! It is here! There are a bunch of cool song!
Check out the new poll! Who is your favorite Disney Channel teen actor/ actress? Vote now!
Check out all the cool links! (And thanks Sierra for leaving a comment on my fridge!) My fridge is down at the bottom of my blog and you can leave little comments! It is very fun! There are also a bunch of other cool gadgets too.
Thanks for everyone coming to my blog and following, commenting, or just coming. Thanks!

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ellie said...

Another cool blog, Wynne (I love your backgrounds!). and you have chosen some fantastic gadgets for the sidebar.....don't ya just love blog gadgets! *giggle*

I hope ya have a great day....your blogs are such a marvelous expression of your love for God.

peace....and prayers for all your activities today!