Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost Valentine's Day

It is almost Valentine's Day! I hope you have a good one. And of course the background is very appropriate.
Today at school was so fun! We had gym and we played this awesome dodge ball. And when we ran the mile (yes every day at P.E. we have to run a mile.) we got to choose how we ran it instead of running with our group. After that we had this AMAZING pep session! The cheerleaders came out and we had smoke and everything! We had it in our smaller gym so that it was louder. And it was. So fun day at our school! LOLz
Sorry I haven't been able to write in a while. For starters I am just really busy. I have volleyball, basketball, theater practice, and not to mention school. And I am hooked on this AMAZING book series. Peter and the Shadow Thieves is the second book and that is what I am on. Plus, there are these two books. The novel's name is The Kingdom Keepers. And the first book is Disney at Dark. I have read that one, but I want to find the next on too, Disney at Dawn.
Not much else to say. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Maddz said...

Did you hear about the Heist Society MOVIE??? It's been optioned by Warner Brothers. Check out Ally Carter's blog!!