Monday, February 15, 2010

A Better Day

Today and last night was much better than yesterday morning on my last post. And here is why: Last night my dad got the movie UP for us to watch. He got it for a really good price and we think it is really cute.
Next my mom gave us a little Valentine's scavendure hunt. She hid our cards upstairs and a gift for us downstairs. The card was so cute and I thought the gift would be something like some candy. But when I found mine... I literally screamed. Literally. Under the couch, sticking out less that halfway, was the book I have always been wanting since it came out Feb. 9. Heist Society! AAAAHHHHH! Yes I got it! I am only on page 19 and it is AMAZING! See I just finished The Lightning Thief, which was also AMAZING, and I was just about to start the Sea of Monsters. But... lets just say right now Heist Society beat that vote. But I will read The Sea of Monsters too, after HS. So I am very... VERY happy.
Then this morning I got to sleep in! It was very nice as well that we got a snow day. (But I am very mad that now we have to go to like June 3!?! Stinks. But I have some upcoming test and it was nice to get extra study time.) And on top of that my brother and I got to go outside and play in the snow for a while. My igloo was still there and I touched it up some. We also let my dog, Vikki out. Oh, was it LOLz! She is a Yorkie and when we put her out there she jumped in the snow and disappeared! It was to tall for her! She jumped out back into the garage so fast! It was funny though.
I hope you have had a good day if you where out of school. Thanks for logging on!
P.S. I just figured out that I am not going to school tomorrow. My school is already closed! Man, now we're going till June 4! Grrrrr!

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Maddz said...

What a cool way to get Heist Society! What'd you think of it? I thought it was really cool! It will make a great movie someday!

And it's so weird because when I went to the bookstore to get Heist Society, I got The Sea Of Monsters, too! Looove these Percy Jackson books! I've got the third one in my To-Be-Read pile over on my dresser. So excited!

Right now I'm reading the first book in this Pandora series (Pandora Gets Jealous). It's got Greek Mythology, just like Percy Jackson. So far it's pretty cute, so you should totally check them out. The author is Carolyn Hennesy.



BTW, I love your new backround!