Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No school and Heist Society!?!

Wow. That is all I have to say for all this snow. My dad went out and shoveled our driveway before he went to work and a couple of minutes later it was covered! I couldn't even see his foot prints! Crazy right? Now it is still snowing, but not as bad. I am not happy that we missed school because now we will have to make it up. But I have a bit of a head cold and we were going to have PE today. So for that reason I am glad I get to rest.
Heist Society is coming TOMORROW! Aaahhhh! I can not wait! I most likely will not get it the day it comes out, but I hope I can.
All right, in the last post I told you about the books I am reading. Like I want to get the next Peter book and Disney at Dawn. Well put all of that on hold! Yesterday I started reading Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. And now I am hooked! See my brother started reading them before the movie started showing. And I wasn't so sure about them and all. And I was hooked on some other books. But now... it is really good. I just hope that the movie stays true to the book.
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Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

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Hannah montana games said...

I absolutely love your maroon and mauve background with the little flower-like hearts... and the snow effect!!! Sooo cute!