Monday, June 28, 2010

Early Fourth of July

These next few weeks are going to busy for me so I went on ahead and made some changes for the Fourth of July. The background is soo cute! At first I had a different one and I was like, that doesn't look like me. So I searched and searched and I found this one! Soo cute! And you can check out the new poll on what you like most about The 4th of July! Check it out now!
Yesterday I finally finished The Kingdom Keepers 3! It was AMAZING. I loved it. And now I am going to have to wait forever for the next book! UURRGG! But a plus side to today is the Only the Good Spy Young is coming out TOMORROW! AAAHHH! I am soo excited!
Here are some books that I totally need to read:
-Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (For the second time)
Diamonds in the Shadow (Only for school... I don't really want to read it...)
-Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret
Only the Good Spy Young
-Heist Society (For the second time)
A Neverland Book series (I am just kinda finding out about them and I am curious...)
-The Last Olympian
The Night Fairy
Got any good books I might like? If so leave a comment on my blog and I'll check them out.
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Stephanie said...

Ridley Pearson's book are great, you should check out Steel Trapp and Steel Trapp 2, they are good.

And Happy Fourth of July!!