Monday, June 21, 2010

Swimming Fun!

Yesterday for Father's Day we went out to my Mamaw's and Papaw's. And my uncle lives next to them with a pool... so we went swimming! It was fun because I have 4 little cousins that are just learning how to swim in their life coats. They are soo fun and cute. The oldest is about 3 and her sister is a little younger. Then my other baby cousin is a little younger than the oldest and her sister is a baby. Love them so much! And then I got to hang out with my cousin that is a little younger than me. It was really fun... and I hope I got a bit of a tan... :)
Not much going on today. I have cleaned my room and I am trying to go through my closed. (EEK!) But I have gotten it pretty clean... ,':) I even found some old dolls of mine. Ah, memories...
Check out the new music and background! I think it is very summer-y and fun!
P.S. Can't wait for GG4!

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