Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lee and Summer!

I haven't been on her in a while because of camping and school just getting out. Lee won American Idol and I am happy! I would have been happy both ways. And now school is out so I am happy for that too! We aren't doing much other than camping. It is going to be sooo much fun!
Check out some new music! I was going to try and get some of Lee Dewyze songs from Idol on here, but they aren't out yet. So I got a bunch of songs from past Idols. You can listen now!
Hope you like the new background! It is very fun, summer, and still mysterious. I like it!
Thanks for visiting. I am hoping to post more on here over the summer. But on weekends that I am camping I might only be able to do a little. I also want to put my blog into three columns instead of two. I can't quite figure it out so if you know how to do that please leave me a comment and give me some tips! :)

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