Friday, June 11, 2010

So Tired!

I am like wore out! All this week I had art camp from 9:00 to 12:00 then I had basketball camp from 1:00 to 3:00. So I am tired. And next week I have another baksetball camp. Even though it is tiring they are really fun. I have also had a bad caugh like all week. :(
I just finished River Secrets and it was really good! I was soo happy at the end, but then I was also sad becouse it was the last book of the series. I also have to read a summer reading book for school. >:( And I don't want to. I have soo many books I want to read and I don't like it when people make me read a book that I have never herd of. It is called Diamonds in the Shadow, by Caroline B. Cooney. I have read Face on the Milk Carton and the sequels to that too. And they are good books, but they tend to drag on and on and on... I just don't want to read it.
I still want to read a bunch of other books. I just started on The Kingdom Keepers 2; Disney at Dawn. And I am like half way done. It is really good! I also need to read the 3rd Kingdom Keepers; Disney in the Shadows. And plus I want to reread the Gallagher Girl series before Only the Good Spy Young comes out. So frustrated!
For Christmas I got this Victorian Doll house that I had been wanting for a while. And my dad and I have just started to build it. I'll tell ya this, the number of shingles alone is 1500! Plus a million other pieces! (:O Yeah... So wish us luck that we can finish it before I move out. ;)
(Did I mention none of the pieces are labeled or painted... yes... :) Oh well it will be fun...)
Not much else to day. I just wanted to get on here quick to post something, but not update. So until then...

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