Sunday, December 20, 2009

Basket Ball

Today I had a basket ball game. (It was a tournament) And we got 3rd place! It went pretty well. And we were going to have practice every day this week other that Christmas Eve and Christmas, but my coach said we could have it off.
GUESS WHAT!?!? Ok, you all know that I have a new author that is one of my new favorites right? Liz Kessler. And I put a link to her website and audios of parts of the books. And on her website you can send her an email. And so I did. I put how I was a new fan and stuff. I also said I liked her blog and gave her a link to mine! And... GUESS WHAT?? She emailed me back (personally, not just something that is sent to every fan that emails her) and said that she checked out my blog! She said thanks for posting on her book too. How cool is THAT?!? Very.
Christmas is almost here! I can not wait! Check out my other blog to see a cool post about Christmas:

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