Friday, December 25, 2009


It is CHRISTMAS! I can not believe that it is here! And I got some great presents. It has been just... GREAT! Last night we went to a church service with my grandparents and then they came over for dinner. And this morning we didn't open presents until like 8 because I slept in. LOLz. I got: The new Kris Allen CD, a Nancy Drew DS game, the 3rd Emily Windsnap book, a Victorian dollhouse that you can decorate yourself, accessories for that, My Sims Agents, two cammies from Aero, a top from Aero, a gift card to Hobby Lobby, some candy, a snow globe (for my collection of 42 OTHER snow globes.), and another book I've been wanting. Yeah I got a lot. I am very thankful for everything! And that is not the reason this Christmas was so good. The main reason was because of Jesus. *
Make sure you vote on the Christmas polls! And make sure to take a look at all the Christmas gadgets and music. They will not be up for long!
AAAAHHHH!!!! Guess what!?!?!? If you do not know Ally Carter has had a week of giving on her blog. Each day she had a contest that you could enter for a prize. And she said she was going to have one today, but instead she gave us THIS!!!! The picture and title of Gallagher Girl #4!!!! I can NOT believe it! When I saw it on her blog I almost screamed! Only the Good Spy Young is the name. It looks AMAZING! I can not wait for JUNE! I love it!
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Maddz said...

I totally had the same response to seeing the cover (not to mention title) of GG4!

Also, cute blog! You should check out mine (I share on with my sister). Maybe even be a follower?

Maddz (of