Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Late Birthday

Sorry my birthday was a little late. It was really Dec. 4th. It was great though! At school my friends Kaitlyn, Andrea, and Nikki made me locker signs! (And Nikki made me a cute little clay present!) And then my friends Sierra got me a card and a gift card! And my other friends said happy birthday and stuff. Thank you all! It was great.
And then that night there was a dance. (My friend Kaitlyn told me I had to go. Or else she would wait at my door so...) And I am glad I went! It was fun... and a little nerve racking! See, there is this game called "snowball". The DJ played it twice. The first time I didn't play, but the second time I kind of lingered around. What you do is this: When the DJ yells SNOWBALL you have to find someone to slow dance with. And if someone asks you, you have to dance with them. And then the DJ will yell it again and you switch! It is really fun. So like I said the second time they played it I lingered around on the dance floor. And then a boy from my school came over and asked me to dance. I was a little hesitant, but I did. And then the snowball began! (It isn't that serious though... like you can even grab one of your gal friends and slow dance with them. Just for fun.) I danced with on of my friends cousins and another boy. The whole dance was really fun!
And the next day after practice my mom and dad took my out to eat! We went to an Italian restaurant. It was GREAT! My mom and dad got me two presents and my brother got me one. It was great! And the food... OH.... it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I loved it. And then one of the waiters came over and gave me a big dark chocolate cake with wiped cream! And then she say Happy Birthday in ITALIAN! It was sooo cool! I loved it. And then I ATE UP! The cake was A-M-A-Z... well you get it.
Anyway, I had a great birthday!
And today I had a basketball game. We lost. Out FIRST loss. And this team was really good. And we played good too, but we could have been better on our D-fence.
Not much else to say. But if you read the last post I will try to get Liz Kessler's website up.
Thanks for visiting!

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