Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I finally got Only the Good Spy Young! I picked it up yesterday! I can't wait to read it! AAHHH!
Happy Early Fourth of July!


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Maddz said...

Hey Wynne,

Yeah, this is the same Maddz. Megz&Maddz is pretty much over, but my book blog Slightly Bookish is up and running! (So, if you wanna follow SB, too, well...Go right ahead :) ) I've got some things I need to post, though, so I'm a little behind.

I can't believe you got GG4 the day it came out! I always wanted to get a book on it's release day. But I came close! I just got it today! (Thank goodness I had giftcard money from my Grandmother!) I won't be able to read it yet, though, because I want to re-read the others. 'Cause I read them over a year ago, and I kind of forgot what's going on. LOL

Oh, if you were still wondering how to get a three columns, I can tell you how:

1. Go to your blog layout (like if you were adding a new widget or something)

2. Click the tab that says "template designer"

3. Pick a design

4. Go to layout and there are a couple different ones to choose from.

Afterwords, I'm pretty sure you can apply another background, like the one you have. Just make sure it's a 3-column one.