Sunday, July 26, 2009

Evian Babies

Ok, if you guys haven't already checked it out scroll down to the link that says "The Evian Babies"! It is soooooooooooo funny! All the babies are jumping and dancing! So funny! And if you know any other funny videos leave me a comment with the address so I can check them out! They might just be a new hit on Wynne's Web!
Hey guys! I'm going to be going to my friend Lauren's Birthday Party! Happy B-Day Lauren! (and Evan, her twin brother) And Lauren is one of my followers too! You can as well! It is soo easy and simple! Just click "Follow". And then sign into your email! And trust me it will NOT give out any information about you or your email unless you want it to.
Please pray for my brother. He just got his tonsils and anodes out. So he is kind of hurting. Please pray for him.
The new school year is coming soon. I will always miss you guys from St. Paul's and I hope I will still be able to see you even after we switch schools. If you haven't already seen it, scroll down all the way to the bottom of my web and there will be something just for you St. Paul's people. I will always love you!

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kellyjean said...

Wynne, girl... your heart is so big and I LOVE that! God is good! Thanks for your prayer requests for NT. And those babies... so hillarious! Looking forward to your challenge this week. I had to miss last weeks so I'm excited to see where your creativity goes this time. Love ya! M