Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thanks For Logging On

Thanks to all you people who have been logging onto my sight! You guys rock! *
Do you like my clay fairy? Her name is Prilla! I made her out of oven baked clay. She wouldn't really stand up to we just put her down and took the picture. Soon I am going to be putting some pictures of some clay stuff I made at a camp. So keep checking on to see all the new stuff!
Ok! I am going to be putting cheats on my website and I will need some help from YOU! Because you might play this online game, but I may not. Just leave me a comment about what online games you like to play and I will try and look up some cheats about them! So tell me what you like to play! Comment now!
My music thing still isn't working. I don't know what is wrong with it! So until then just keep listening to my music and I will try to get it working. Thank you.
Keep working on the challenge! Is it a boy... or a girl? YOU CHOOSE! Make a baby card!

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