Saturday, October 10, 2009

Make Sure You Vote!

Today is the last day to vote on the polls! And you only have 6 HOURS! So hurry! So far in the lead on the girl's poll is Demi Lovato. And on the boy's poll in the lead is a tie, The Jonas Brothers and... Kevin Jonas. I am ok with demi (but I wanted Selena to win. Oh well. Demi would be my 2nd choice.), but I am not liking the Kevin much. (I personally don't like him that much. I like Nick the best.) But I didn't have many boys to begin with so its ok. Hurry and vote. Every opinion counts! And both of the winners for each poll will have there music played on my blog!
Fall is here! Literally! The leaves are falling and it is getting colder! Here is another fall pic showing God's creativity.
If you haven't' checked out all the cool links, now is the time! I recommend going to the following links: (These are my favorite!) Ally, Star Wars The Clone,, The Way on the, The Gallagher Girls Books links, and... ALL OF THE OTHER LINKS! But those are some that I like. Check them out now! Just scroll down and they will be labeled with a picture.
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