Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clay and Sculptures

I am having a GREAT week! Right now I am home. My mom will not be going to the Cub Scout's camp tomorrow, so I got to come home! (Not that I don't want to be with my grandparents. I love them.) I am taking a Providence art class and it is soooo much fun. When we get back the clay stuff we make I will put some pictures on my blog. And for some reason I can't find the pictures of some other clay things I made at home. I wanted to show you, but I can't. Oh well. Oh, and thanks Gabi for leaving some comments.
I got a new book from the library. It is called Princess Academy. So far it is good. I also got a Hardy Boys book, but I haven't started yet. Hope they turn out great!
My poll is done! And the new school year won! I am nervous about the new school year, but a ton of my friends are going to Providence so I'll have them there for me.

P.S. Father's Day is almost HERE! Vote on my poll for what you'll do for your dad.

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