Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Card Challenge

Hey you guys, this is a new little thing that I will be doing every Tuesday. It is a card challenge. I will make a card and challenge you to do different things with your cards. Different techniques, colors, or styles. Then you make it your own. Today's challenge is to use flowers in a unique way. As you can see I have already made mine. This chick's name is Bella. I love using her images! Alright get started! And when you finish, leave me a comment and a link to your card so that I and everyone else can see it!
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2,000 hits and still rock'n! From Mon. to today over 200 people visted my web! Wow GREAT! Make sure you vote on what you want to see more and less of! And leave me comments on what you like and don't really like. It will help me out to know what to put on my blog and what not to.


kellyjean said...

Girl, I'm all over this! Here is a link to my card... http://dancingwithstamps.blogspot.com/2009/06/new-challenge-blog.html Thanks for the inspiration!

futbol junkie said...

oh that sounds like fun! I will do that! Gtg have to work on my card! bye bye!