Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Nice Summer Day

Not much happened today. I LOVE my hair! Here is another picture from the salon. Oh and Just Summer won on my blog poll! I just love summer! And make sure you check out the new Joe Jonas video that I linked from YouTube! It is sooooooo funny! Even if you don't like Joe you will love this! Plus take a look at the High school Musical at Derby Dinner Playhouse links! Check out the cast, the official website, and more! My Uncle Brent is going to be Troy's dad! They start rehearsals next week! And I am going to be changing my blog to more Summer Fun stuff! So keep in contact!

P.S. I am going to be putting some pictures of cards I've made and some clay sculptures! I want to put some drawling on here, but I need a "water mark". It is so other people won't try to take your ideas and stuff for their own. If any of you know how to get a "water mark" (even if you have a clue) please leave me a comment and tell me.

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