Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holiday World and Peter Pan!

Hey guys! We have season passes to Holiday World and we are going to go! Sooo fun! I can't wait! But, we won't be able to go camping... we are just going up for the day.

Ok, I read this amazing book.(I LOVE books!) It is called Peter Pan in Scarlet. Oh, it is a GREAT book. And honestly it isn't that big. If you like adventure, magic, and a little humor it is the book for you. It is a sequel to Peter Pan. And it isn't like Disney's Return to Neverland. It is different in a good way. Instead of just seeing Wendy and Jane in Return to Neverland. You get to see all the "Old Boys". If you want to know what I mean, READ IT!

Hope you like my new background. I thought it was really cute when I saw it

Don't forget to vote! So far about 3 people have voted. Keep coming!

Father's Day is coming soon. Today I am going to make some Father's Day cards that can give you ideas if you want to make one for your dad.

Plus, check out the High School Musical at Derby Dinner.

I now have 100 songs! Listen to all the new ones and some of your old favorites!

P.S. Scroll all the way down on my blog. Just a little something for my fellow 6th graders from St. Paul's. Love you all!


kellyjean said...

Hey Wynne, girl! I LOVE the BG! And I REALLY love the pic at the bottom of your blog! Girl, you are such a great friend to all of your classmates. IMHO, most of the gals in your class don't have a clue as to how blessed they are to know you. If they did, they would want to hang with you 24/7. That is one reason why I love being with you so much (and not just because I'm your mom...wink.) So glad the book was fun! Love ya!

kellyjean said...

he he... I didn't mean your friends are "clueless," Wynne. (sounded funny after I reread the comment) I just mean, "when it comes to having a great friend... they don't realize how great YOU are!" hugs! M