Monday, June 8, 2009

My Hair Is GONE!

Bye Bye to my hair, hello cute and short! The top is my before picture and the bottom is my after picture. I LOVE it! Now, these are the first EVER pictures of me on my blog. (And I highly doubt there will be any more.) I hope you like my new cut. (But If you don't, I don't care! Because I LOVE it!)
Also there are only about 2 more hours to vote on my poll! So far Just Summer is winning!
Plus check out the Derby Dinner Playhouse link! My Uncle Brent is Troy's father in the play. There is a link to Derby and a link to the crew for the performance. Hope you can see it!
And my weekend camping was GREAT! We had a lot of fun and it didn't rain! YAY!


kellyjean said...

I LOVE it, girl!!! God will surely bless you Wynne for being so generous!

Michelle said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I like it both ways short and long!! Keep on blogging as your true, inner beauty shows!!

Marcee said...

Hi Wynne:) I LOVE your name! I'm popping over from your mom's blog-
I absolutely LOVE your hair and wish I had your curls. You are just beautiful.

lotsa scrap said...

love your new look