Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Working

Wynne's Web wants to thank you so... THANKS!
Ok, if you came here for the special challenge so sorry. See I had it set so it would post automatically and it didn't work. And it doesn't want to post now. What I might do instead of posting my challenges on Tues. I might post them on Thurs.! I will have to wait until my mom can help me. Soo sorry. I am really sad. I think that it is on a different time zone thing. So I think it might still post!
2,000 hits and still going! From Mon. to Tues. over 200 people visited my blog! Keep coming! And make sure you vote on both of the polls! NOTE: If you vote for something on a poll it will not mean that I get rid of it all together. Or have only that thing on my bog. It just means I will try to add more of that thing, or have less of that thing.
Looks like I won't be able to do a give-away because I don't have enough Followers. Oh well. But if you guys would like for me to do that then become a follower! It doesn't take any time at all!

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