Friday, June 26, 2009

My Brother!

Ok, my brother and my dad are both out camping with the Cub Scouts. They were in tents when that big storm came through last night. But they are OK.
My brother likes to make clay figures with me sometimes. Here are some things he made. Aren't they cute? :) Hope you like them!
Check out the new challenge on Tuesday! You don't know what that is? Well then click in next Tues.! And keep clicking in on Tuesdays for special challenges! But you can come any other day too.
Almost to 2,000 hits on my blog! When we reach 2,000 hits on my blog I will throw a little something for you, the people who visit my blog. I don't know when that will be so keep logging on to find out more. When that day comes you will be able to vote on things you want to see more of and things you want to see less of. And feel free to leave some comments on what you like! I might even have a free give-away for my followers. So you might want to become a follower NOW!

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