Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wynne's Web Celebrates Father's Day!

Wynne's Web Celebrates Father's Day! I did get my card on here. I hope you like it! And it isn't that hard. You just draw a tie and the collars to the shirt! Oh and I hope you like the new Father's Day stuff! What are you going to give your dad for Father's Day? I can't tell you mine just in case. But leave me a post and tell me all about it!

My music is a little smaller if you haven't noticed. I had to delete a ton of songs because my computer was going a lot slower with them on. But they still ROCK!

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Ariana said...

Hey Wynne can u e-mail me the bless this chick thing? Thankz

Ariana said...

Hey wynne go look at my blog i finally updated it!!!

Ariana said...

OMG wynne that card is the cutest card ever! I just love it! It looks really good. Well talk to you soon.


P.S. How did you do that signator?